How often should a pupil practice?

Practice is integral to any musician’s development, with lessons alone a pupil’s progress can be significantly impaired.

At Musical Minds, we believe in the ‘little and often’ approach to practice. Rather than pupils practicing for one extended session of an hour or so a week, we recommend beginners practicing for 20 minutes 3 times a week. This will help pupils to constantly improve and imbed new ideas and techniques throughout the week.

As pupils progress they can add in extra practices, and begin to extend their practices up to 30 minutes.

We recommend that parents make pupils a set timetable for their practice days. This will add structure and routine to practice.

It is a good idea that pupils put one of their practice days in the evening after their lesson, to prevent forgetting important information. In addition, practice in the two days leading up to the next lesson is recommended to ensure pupils are prepared.